Following the successful application of Elaborate statistical techniques to political campaigns, the ADS principals began to apply the same approach to a wide range of commercial and not for profit clients.

  • The non Government education sector, to profile and locate more Catholic and Independent school parents and students,
  • Universities, wanting to profile and local more students,
  • Churches, wanting to allocate resources to provide worshipping opportunities to the maximum numbers of potential Church goers and develop new schools,
  • Lobby groups wanting to profile and better understand the political relevance of their clients,
  • Welfare organisations, wanting to provide better spatial coverage of groups needing assistance,
  • The housing and mortgage market to design better pricing products and target high value clients,
  • Mass marketing organisations seeking allocative efficiencies,
  • Communications companies trying to make net gains from high levels of churn,
  • Print media companies trying to better understand and develop a contracting market,
  • Lenders or debt collection Companies wanting to find which debtors were most likely to repay debts,
  • Hospitals, wanting to profile and target more high-return patients and plan new infrastructure,
  • Businesses, wanting to profile their investors and set the best pricing and distribution structures.

Current and former clients have included:






Media and Software


Queensland Eye Hospital, GP surgeries.


All political and lobbying clients remain confidential.