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Improve School Enrolment with Education Geographics Marketing & Management Strategies for Schools and Educational Institutions

Education Geographics Unlocks the Secret Drivers to Improve Your School Enrolments.

Who are our parents?
What can their own background tell you about what they want from our school?
How do we talk to them on social media?
Can they afford our fees?
Where can we find more of them?
How can we transport them to our school?

Education Geographics Introduction Video

Planning & People are Keys to Success

The human element in discussing the goals that arise out of the report from Education Geographics (EGS)  is crucial to the strategy and success of ensuring improving school enrolments for now and in the future.

The EGS process uses sophisticated statistical research and modelling techniques from outstanding statisticians to find out what makes your school tick and then it presents its findings through an on line and interactive dashboard and map, which can be accessed anywhere in the world where you can use a mobile phone.


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