Helen Presser

Helen Presser - Education Consultant

Education Consultant

A trained Mathematics teacher, Helen also has postgraduate qualifications in Education Law from the Australian Catholic University and a Professional Certificate of Business Administration from University of Melbourne, specialising in Data Analysis. More recently Helen completed a Master of Business Administration through Southern Cross University.

Helen has used Education Geographics in an independent school setting for many years to better understand enrolment drivers and more accurately profile parents, assisting to inform school strategy. She has a passion for ensuring decisions are data driven.

Helen has 30 years of experience at a leadership level in consumer research and data analysis, enterprise risk and human resource management and the broader statutory compliance requirements vital to organisations.  She now runs a boutique consultancy with her team providing services across a wide range of sectors.


Reg Kernke is the CEO and Dashboard Designer of Education Geographics Management & Marketing Strategies for educational institutions

Reg Kernke

(CEO & Dashboard Designer)
Dr Jeanine McMullan - CEO & Mapper | Education Geographics

Dr Jeanine McMullan

(Spatial Analyst & Senior Mapper)
John Black Founder and Chairman of Education Geographics

John Black

(Founder and Executive Chairman)
Allan Shaw is a true School Whisperer, a man who, after more than 40 years as a Teacher, Principal and mentor to fellow Principals, believes that leading a school is the best job in the world.

Allan Shaw

(School Whisperer)
Helen Presser - Education Consultant

Helen Presser

(Education Consultant)
Janine Walker is a consultant in people and performance and an experienced Chair and Board Director and since 2017 has been Chair of the Brisbane Metro South Hospital and Health Board

Janine Walker

(Executive Mentor)