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We are seeking students & mature aged persons studying Geography, GIS, Spatial Statistics or similar backgrounds.



Are you a student who is studying Geography, GIS, or Spatial Statistics or a mature-aged person seeking to re-enter the workforce?  We are looking to train a small team of men and women to use Esri Mapping Software which not only assists us with our mapping business but equips you for your future professional career.

Education Geographics’ Spatial Strategist and Senior Mapper Dr Jeanine McMullan has trained numerous young men and women who have used their mapping skills to secure well-paid careers as Management Consultants for top Four consulting firms, Geography Teachers at High Schools, Town Planners or Professional, full-time Mapping Specialists.

In the second half of the year, casual positions may become available for work on spatial strategy maps, with a focus on transport logistics.

If you are a mature-aged person with a similar background or have experience with Esri software and are seeking to re-enter the workforce on a part-time basis, we would love to hear from you.

To take advantage of this opportunity send us an email providing details and a profile about yourself to


We’re a fast growing IT company with varying demand for independent contractors with skills involving Statistical Research, SPSS software, Antivia Dashboards, Esri Mapping, SQL databases and Social Media Marketing, an interest in future developments in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality presentations.

Expressions of interest should be forwarded via the enquiry form and one of our team will contact you.

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    Skills Sought:
    Statistical ResearchSPPS softwareAntivia DashboardsEsri MappingSQL databasesSocial Media MarketingArtificial IntelligenceAugmented Reality