Our People

John Black Founder and Chairman of Education Geographics

John Black

(Founder and Executive Chairman)
Reg Kernke is the CEO and Dashboard Designer of Education Geographics Management & Marketing Strategies for educational institutions

Reg Kernke

(CEO & Dashboard Designer)
Dr Jeanine McMullan - CEO & Mapper | Education Geographics

Dr Jeanine McMullan

(Spatial Analyst & Senior Mapper)
Steve Cooke has over 20 years of experience in leading and managing corporate services in the education sector.

Steve Cooke

(EGS Manager)
Julian Todd originally trained as a Chemical Engineer and has held senior strategic and mergers & acquisitions positions for various major public companies.

Julian Todd

(EGS Support and Sales Manager, NSW)
Allan Shaw is a true School Whisperer, a man who, after more than 40 years as a Teacher, Principal and mentor to fellow Principals, believes that leading a school is the best job in the world.

Allan Shaw

(School Whisperer)
Helen Presser - Education Consultant

Helen Presser

(Education Consultant)