Reg Kernke

Reg Kernke - Education Geographics

Director and Dashboard Designer

In 2002 Reg started work with the Queensland Anglican Schools Commission and served in various finance and governance based roles, including the role of Deputy Executive Director since 2011. He also served as the Treasurer of the Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority Ltd.

Reg has over 20 years work experience in the Local Government industry, including eleven years as CEO of Queensland local governments experiencing rapid growth pressures. He entered the education sector as the Business Manager for St Luke’s Anglican School, Bundaberg in 1999. Here he project managed the development of the school’s strategic plan and moved the school forward in financial modelling and improving operational efficiencies.

His work interests are in governance, compliance, business modelling and the application of technology to work processes and business solutions. He is currently undertaking studies in law.

Reg Kernke is the CEO and Dashboard Designer of Education Geographics Management & Marketing Strategies for educational institutions

Reg Kernke

(CEO & Dashboard Designer)
Dr Jeanine McMullan - CEO & Mapper | Education Geographics

Dr Jeanine McMullan

(Spatial Analyst & Senior Mapper)
John Black Founder and Chairman of Education Geographics

John Black

(Founder and Executive Chairman)
Allan Shaw is a true School Whisperer, a man who, after more than 40 years as a Teacher, Principal and mentor to fellow Principals, believes that leading a school is the best job in the world.

Allan Shaw

(School Whisperer)
Helen Presser - Education Consultant

Helen Presser

(Education Consultant)
Janine Walker is a consultant in people and performance and an experienced Chair and Board Director and since 2017 has been Chair of the Brisbane Metro South Hospital and Health Board

Janine Walker

(Executive Mentor)