What We Do


Education Geographics unlocks the secret drivers of your school enrolments. This critical success factor – enrolments – is the core data used by our professional statisticians, demographic profilers, and spatial analysts to help you answer your school’s critical strategic questions. Who are our parents? What can their own background and profile tell us about what they want from our school? How do we talk to them on social media? Can they afford our fees? Where can we find more of them? How can we transport them to our school?

EGS was formed in late 2016, using the education knowledge base developed by Australian Development Strategies over 20 years of profiling school demographics across Australia. Since then, EGS has grown to include more than 120 non-government schools which enrol 15 percent of the independent school students across the country.

The EGS process uses sophisticated statistical research and modelling techniques from our award-winning statisticians to find out what makes your school tick and then it presents its findings through online and interactive dashboards and maps, which can be accessed anywhere in the world where you can use a mobile phone.

This extraordinary market share growth by EGS has been described as an outstanding success story by UK dashboard supplier Antivia (Insight Software). EGS is also an Australian Business Partner to Esri, the world’s major international supplier of geographic information software, based in California.